Pham Duc Thanh

OutstandingDwarf of the year 2019
  • Having firm technical skills and handling many tasks flawlessly all at once with inspiration is what turns Thanh into a role model when it comes to a responsible team player.
  • Supportive in teamwork and willing to guide down to every inch of the problem. Thanh puts high efforts in the mentorship process and every project he works in. He inspires other Dwarves with his passion for the job. He owns the traits that every engineer wishes to have. A great eye on details, on-time result and work quality assurance.
  • Not only proving himself as a high performing leader for multi projects: AHA room, Sajari; Thanh also managed to open a new vision for dev team - visualization. No wonder why he has won the DOTY award for this second time.
Recognition of Certificate