Life at Dwarves

We do agile

Agile is a methodology to develop software but we have used it then lived its style as our culture.

At Dwarves, Agile is cooked with Lean methodology and Kanban flow to have a customized dish of Agile so called Dwarves Agile to better fit our taste of work.

Agile at Dwarves
Project Management

Project Management

We believe that the success of a product is not what we build but how we build it. Project Management is one of the HOWs

At Dwarves, when kickstarting a project, we set KPI for every member in the project to direct the quality of the product to meet the customer's satisfaction. Not only at the end of the project but also at every checkpoint of the project, we review the KPI and adjust the effort to drive the quality to its right way

Individual Development

Individual Development

We live the value "Value the pass of every single day, from sunrise to sunset, we grow." To support our growth mindset culture and meet the learning needs of our employees around the world, we offer a diverse range of learning and development opportunities.

In the beginning of every quater

We capture a shot of the skills, knowledge and experience of every member, depict a picture of better us, kickstart a plan to learn and grow in the next 3 months

At the end of every quater

We reevaluate ourselves to see how the plan work out and how better we are

Company Meeting

Company Meeting

Every 3 months, Dwarves gather altogether at the Mustering Hall (#meeting) to

  • Review the progress of the last 3 months
  • Define new goals for the next 3 months
  • Promote Dwarves to the next level to strengthen the team


With the deeply understanding that WORK - LIFE BALANCE is the real shit. We decided to pick this style of Remote Working as a main way to work for the company. We don’t want to manage your chairs. People should have the right to use the time of their own and to work at anywhere as long as it does not violate the company values.

We want our Dwarves to wake up at 7am in the beach, grab a coffee and start doing the job that they love. Or spending the day in coffee shop downtown to be more socialized. Or take their time to breath of the fresh air in Da Lat or Chiang Mai.



As a team, we spend time together on other activities beside work to refresh and make work-life balanced.

Club & Events

You will never be alone at Dwarves even outside of work. We have clubs for you to share your hobbies and interests with the other Dwarves. Active and well-performed clubs would be funded to thrive

Team retreat

One of the important things at Dwarves is we want all members work and play well as a team. The more we understand each other, the more we work better.

Team Mingling

Friday weekly or 2-week time we have an intimate party at the office to step downhill the slope of the intense work week

Team Outing

Monthly or after a successful project the Dwarves get off work to cheer together. These chances help to make the Dwarves bonding better

World Exploring

We took 3 to 5 days break per quarter to travel and explore the world. We believe it is better to know people around than just stay in the room.

The Dwarves give back as a team and individual

Social Impact

Golang Community

We have been a part of local community where we operate.

The Dwarves help to found and organise Golang Community in Vietnam since 2015 and be part of it till today.

We use Golang as our main language to build cloud system.

Golang VN conference
WeBuild community meetup
WeBuild Community

2018 is a remarkable year when 1 of our founding member decided to found and contribute to WeBuild Community.

WeBuild is a non profit community that focuses on raising the quality bar of engineer in Vietnam

We also take participate in other local events to share our knowledge and industry updates.
  • echelon event
  • mobileday event
  • barcamp event
  • websummit event
Open Source Software


by promoting and contributing to Open Source Software.

At Dwarves Foundation, we believe that Open Source Software are good for everyone.

By being open, they will empower the development of technology and help businesses to deliver innovative ideas.


At Dwarves Foundation, we strive to create a respectful, rewarding, diverse, and inclusive work environment.

Empowering our members to create products and services that help others achieve more.

Have the same DNA and want to build world-class products with superb team?

Join us