Engineering Life

Individual Development

We live the value "Value the pass of every single day, from sunrise to sunset, we grow." In the beginning of every quater, we capture a shot of the skills, knowledge and experience of every member, depict a picture of better us in the next 3 months. We call it IDP. At the end of every quater, we reevaluate ourselves to see how the plan work out and how better we are.

Engineer Life

Investment Time

We want everyone to be skilled and have time to grow beside working on the client projects. This would help to build a strong engineer team.

What to doIncluding but not limited to
  • Share working experience and lesson learned in the projects
  • Get into practice a new programming language or framework
  • Curate and apply best-practices to improve the playbook

Open Source

We love solving problems with the community. We encourage our engineers to devise solutions for unsolved problems or improve the solutions of the current tools.

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Open Source

Pair Programming

Code that is written by two people who sit next to each other at the same computer is pair-programmed code. That code is considered high quality and should result in cost savings due to less maintenance.

Pair Programming
Training Program

Training Program

We have 1.5 month training camp for fresh graduates to solidify their learning-at-school background then cook the raw theory to a dish. The engineers then soon be able to handle the work without handholding.

DF Office

Remote Working

With the deeply understanding that WORK - LIFE BALANCE is the real shit. We don’t want to manage your chairs. People should have the right to use the time of their own and to work at anywhere as long as it does not violate the company values.

Remote Working

Build Community

Builder Community
WeBuild Community

We decided to found and contribute to WeBuild Community which is a non profit community that focuses on raising the quality bar of engineer in Vietnam

Golang Community

The Dwarves help to found and organise Golang Community in Vietnam since 2015 and be part of it till today.

Golang Conference

Participate in events

We also take participate in other local events to share our knowledge and industry updates.

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